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Batik Beauty

Between snowmageddon, being sick, general craziness with a new puppy in the hours . . . I finally finished this batik beauty. As usual, Michele’s is wonderful. She finally let me use king tut variegated thread on a piece and … Continue reading

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Removing the Wave from your Quilt Top

So. . . just how do you add borders or make a quilt bigger without creating that friendly wave.  Once you get the technique, you’ll be so much happier with your final quilt. First, let’s start with the definition.  The … Continue reading

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Rose garden

I finished another client quilt last night. A cute little rose garden. We used a rose color thread and the hardest part to quilt was actually over the paisley print. The color simply faded in!! Turned out great. I can’t … Continue reading

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Black, Red & White All Over

I was busy quilting most of the weekend. I finished 2 quilts. The first was a black, white quilt with red pinwheels. This piece is so graphic and fun. I quilted with black thread. Just saying that finding and burying … Continue reading

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Happy to do a lovely quilt for Michele. Such fun fabrics. This quilt made me smile the whole way through.

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Abstract on the rack

More painting and dying fabric. When is enough enough? When it speaks to you. Shapes are glued down. Piece is on the rack.

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Carmel Swirls

Well, I have most of the color pieces laid out. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for those next little teases. The last 2 days I have been pondering on how to tone down the background. I knew I needed some … Continue reading

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Abstract Orange

Why is it that when ever I dye/paint fabric, I want things to dry FASTER?????  A heat gun or hair dryer doesn’t speed the process up. Added orange this morning. The bigger splots were from my normal drip technique.  The … Continue reading

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Kandinsky Challenge

What is it about starting a new piece like this.  Sketches are fine, but then you take scissors to fabric and the whole ball of wax changes.  How big do you make it?  What do you want to do for … Continue reading

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Yellow Buck Progress

I have had this pictorial quilt on the rack for the last 2 weeks. The background is nearly complete. Size approx 30×30 I used a cotton silk 80/20 blend batting.  It quilts like a dream.  Thread is variegated by King … Continue reading

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