Those Lying Eyes

With the new puppy in the house, Buck has felt a little hen pecked.  With my new camera I was able to catch this great photo.  I am thinking it would make a great art piece.


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Christmas in San Diego

This was one of my early raw edge appliqué pieces. I finally put it on the rack and finished it.
I was inspired by Ruth McDowell. But she has all those precise seams. Nota my cup o tea.


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Last year, while spending a much needed girl weekend in Milwaukee with Sharon, we found Grinch fabric. Of course it has been sitting on the “project to be named later” shelf since then. In a moment of inspiration, I started randomly cutting the panels out. No measuring, no plan other than lets strip piece this sucker.

Two tops later, both are actually quilted and only need the binding sewn on.

Lessons learned.

1) batting has an up and down side. When you put the batting upside down, it is harder to quilt.
2) 40 weight variegated thread is really cool, but with batting and flannel backing, You Will get “pokies”. They stick out and yes they do look annoying
3) even if you think you can finish the quilt with the last bobbin of thread, the damn thing runs out 4 inches from the end and you still have to re-load bobbins
4) you have to listen to Christmas music when quilting Christmas quilts. It’s a rule. That and Harry Connick Jr croons very nicely.

I can’t wait for show and tell tomorrow!!!!!


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Rose garden

I finished another client quilt last night. A cute little rose garden. We used a rose color thread and the hardest part to quilt was actually over the paisley print. The color simply faded in!!

Turned out great. I can’t wait to give them back to her.



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Black, Red & White All Over

I was busy quilting most of the weekend. I finished 2 quilts. The first was a black, white quilt with red pinwheels. This piece is so graphic and fun. I quilted with black thread. Just saying that finding and burying those bad boys was a bit of a challenge.


Because the thread just fads in I had a dandy of a time trying to figure out if it was the fabric or thread. Now my eyes need a rest.


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Christmas plates are out

Yesterday I moved all the Christmas plates to the front of the cupboard. This is actually quite an undertaking. 1) all the regular plates have to be clean. That way you don’t have to reach to the very back to put the odd ones away. 2) regular plates come out and then the decorative ones get stacked just so. 3) since a lot of them have metal gilding on them, the non metal ones have to be on the top shelf so boyz will grab those first for microwave usage.


The linens are ready to go. Some of the quilted ones are showing their age, but I still love using them so it is hard to let them go.


Time to settle in for Sunday morning coffee before a trip to dog park with Rob and Buck.


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Golly is it Christmas Season Already? (or where did the time fly since my last post??????)

if i could blurt out a big “HAH!!!” right now, I would. But honestly, I don’t know where the time flew to.  Some time in June we got back from H Roe Bartle boy scout reservation, in July I had my knee surgery and then my oldest worked hard enough to receive his Eagle Scout rank. 

Now, somewhere between Holy TImageoledo and December 1st, I actually have sewn something in the studio. 

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway, time travel aside, I pulled out my Grinch who Stole Christmas (or redeemed himself trying) Fabric and am improvisational piecing the heck out of things. 


feeling good and inspired.


Thanks, Rob, for kicking my arse.


love Lota

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Rob got a new shirt a Costco today. Blue long arm wicking tee. Very nice, but we started noticing his clothes are color coding. Blue shirt, matches blue shoes.

Dressing has never been so easy.



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White Won

We are sitting outside tonight. Breeze. Temp is 85. We couldn’t find the cribbage board so backgammon is game of choice.

I smoked Rob in game one. G1 was not as close as me being 1 down. He just kept rolling doubles.


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Happy Anniversary!!

I was looking back at old blogs and realized I had an anniversary on the 16th.

My blogs are 1 Year Old!!!!!!!

Looking back, I have had a tremendous time writing and posting photos. Hope you all have enjoyed as much as I have.

Now, on to year 2


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