T Shirt Quilt for Nick

What a pleasure it has been to work with Kathi to help with her eldest’s son’s quilt.  Kathi has been collecting T Shirts for YEARS.  O yes.  They have paint, sweat and stains.  We got to spend a couple afternoons cutting and backing t-shirts with fusible web.  The result is below.

I love quilting patterns for Men.  Sometimes is simple is best.  My favorite is the center block from Bartle.  “Don’t pet the Cat”

IMG_2737 IMG_2738 IMG_2739 IMG_2740 IMG_2741 IMG_2742 IMG_2743 IMG_2744

Pointers on t-Shirt quilts.

  • You must use a light weight fusible web.  T-Shirts are nasty little bias shifty things.  Without web, your quilt top will end up wonkier than a J cup bra.
  • You can use the front or back of shirts. Cut your shirt and web larger than your actual final square
  • Spray Starch.  Use it.  No matter what, for the novice quilter keeping your squares as “stiff” as possible but still making them quilt-able is really important.

Keep Quilting!!



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