Honu Ohana

In going through old photo disks for my origins post on moderndayfitandfood.com,  I found these twin quilts that I had made for Wayne (Papa) and Liz (Gram).  They were completed in 2005 and were inspired by Gram & Papa’s recent trip to Hawaii.

That night I dreamed of a grand adventure, as Gram and Papa set out to spy an Honu Ohana.  I imagined them floating silently above the swimming turtles.  The colors of the sea were changing as Honu glided through the current.  The mo-opuna held their breath and dove as deep as they could.  And suddenly, they were hatchlings, vying for position to catch the next wave just like their Kupuna.  Then.  Just as quickly, their breath was gone and they swam quickly back up to the bright blue of the breaking waves.

When I awoke, I immediately sketched the design of these quilts.  I hoped they would bring many blessings and a good night’s sleep to all who Gram and Papa welcomed into their home.

Day2992-R3-016-6A Day2992-R3-010-3A Day2992-R3-008-2A Day2992-R3-012-4A




Honu  Ohana e Kahi 

‘A ‘ohe loa I ka hana a ke aloha           Distance is ignored by love.


Honu Ohana elua

Ua ola loko I ke aloha                           Loves gives life within




Aloha and Maholo                     jmd


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One Response to Honu Ohana

  1. Wayne Dernetz says:

    Oh that’s a wonderful background to the quilts. I don’t remember you telling us the design was based on such a lovely dream. The experience we had floating above the turtles was just like you described it. Thank you! We love the quilts!

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