Christmas plates are out

Yesterday I moved all the Christmas plates to the front of the cupboard. This is actually quite an undertaking. 1) all the regular plates have to be clean. That way you don’t have to reach to the very back to put the odd ones away. 2) regular plates come out and then the decorative ones get stacked just so. 3) since a lot of them have metal gilding on them, the non metal ones have to be on the top shelf so boyz will grab those first for microwave usage.


The linens are ready to go. Some of the quilted ones are showing their age, but I still love using them so it is hard to let them go.


Time to settle in for Sunday morning coffee before a trip to dog park with Rob and Buck.



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One Response to Christmas plates are out

  1. Wayne Dernetz says:

    Quite an undertaking! Nice article too.

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