Carmel Swirls

Well, I have most of the color pieces laid out. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for those next little teases. The last 2 days I have been pondering on how to tone down the background. I knew I needed some brown overtones to go with the blue and help mute the orange and yellows.

Success. Tan/brown dye. I mixed a small batch up and put in large squeeze bottle (think plastic ketchup bottle at the old style burger dives) and swirled on the color.


The tyvek blanks were on when I applied the color. These white zones keeps moving to help give the eye pause while still letting the shapes flow through the disconnected space.

Let me know what you think!

Getting excited!!!! I think the next step will be to glue place my shapes. Stay tuned


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Modern Art Quilter Funky Designer Fiber Art'er Dog Lover
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One Response to Carmel Swirls

  1. Liz Dernetz says:

    Love it! You’re so creative, Julia. Thx for keeping us all informed of your progress…

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