Abstract Orange

Why is it that when ever I dye/paint fabric, I want things to dry FASTER?????  A heat gun or hair dryer doesn’t speed the process up.

Added orange this morning. The bigger splots were from my normal drip technique.  The fine small dots of orange are achieved by putting tulle netting over the area and then lightly spraying color.





Even when I try to use dye sparingly, sometimes I still mix up too much.  Because I use so much white muslin, I always have smaller pieces and strips ready.  Just put the white fabric in the cup and let it soak up the remaining dye.  When you unfold, you can either leave blank spots without color, or simply brush over to get a more even look.

Leave it out to dry and then heat set with an iron.



A note on dying fabric.  Most of my pieces are art wall hangings.  So I don’t worry too much about needing to wash a piece.  If you are using hand dyes in a normal quilt, remember to both fix the dye, and also use synthrapol to pull out the non-fixed dye particles.  You really don’t want to have things bleed when you have put so much effort into your quilting.

ALWAYS use protective gloves and eye protection when working with any chemicals.

ALWAYS work in a well ventilated area.


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One Response to Abstract Orange

  1. Wayne Dernetz says:

    That’s beautiful work!

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