Kandinsky Challenge

What is it about starting a new piece like this.  Sketches are fine, but then you take scissors to fabric and the whole ball of wax changes.  How big do you make it?  What do you want to do for colors?  Is it possible to achieve the effect you want?

Heck, I don’t know.  But cutting into the fabric and starting a piece is getting easier.  Why?  Because I am pushing myself just do it.  Go with the feeling and not obsess too much about if it is right or not.

So without much further ado, here are the first snap shots of where I am going with White Center.  I have no idea what I will call my piece yet.



Since this is an abstract piece, I first took my chalk pencil and outlined about where I wanted pieces to go.  I really don’t worry about the lines, as they will either come out with water or be quilted over.

The yellow squares keep talking to me that they are mountains.

Triangles are free form cut.  oddly enough, I originally cut them as isosceles, but turned them on their sides to fill space in a better visually stacked way.

The long black bars are irregular parallelograms, but I am pretty sure I want the white space between to be perpendicular.


My next challenge is background color.  How to do it, is the question.  I love fabric paint.  Even with a white palate to begin, you need the color and form to build the rest of the piece.

Tyvek makes a great negative space.  Cut the shape you want.  Spray adhesive and apply to fabric.  Slowly, begin to add color.  because this work is supposed to be abstract, I used a sea sponge, and tooth brush to get the dye where i wanted.



Remember, the inspiration is White Center.  So I need the color to creep up into the spaces.

When the Tyvek is removed, the empty space sings.

I love the sea sponge, because you can add color slowly by dabbing and not have “organized” brush strokes.

The tooth brush is perfect for splattering.  Dip the brush into the dye, and then slowly flick and dribble as needed.



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3 Responses to Kandinsky Challenge

  1. This is going to be so cool!

  2. jacquieg says:

    love where this is heading! keep up the good work!

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