Abstract Art Challenge

I am very excited for a new challenge that we will have at the Modern Quilt Guild.

Each of the crazy people who try this challenge, will intrepret a painting of Kandinsky. The quilt can be no more than 60×60 in. For all who complete a piece, their quilt will hang in a group showing at the Machine Quilter’s Showcase (May 2012) at the Overland Park convention center.

We were able to pick from 12 paintings. Only 11 people were able to sign up for each painting. Personally Kandinsky is one of those artists I really love!! Always very bold.

Stephanie and I were in the second group to choose a painting. So we were pretty much assured that we would get our 1st choice.

“White Center” (oil on canvas) called may name.









Later in the weekend, I spent time to get a picture off the net. The funny thing was that the painting I chose was hanging upside down! Right side up or wrong side down, I am seeing mountains, birds and lakes in this piece.  My scketch is complete.  I will post soon!


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One Response to Abstract Art Challenge

  1. Liz Dernetz says:

    Yes and I see lightening, too. What fun!

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