Happy Boxing Day

One of the things I love about the week before Christmas and New Year’s is the physical and “mental” clean up.

I think it started for me with getting the house looking just the way we wanted it.  Waiting for all our family to arrive at the house for Christmas eve dinner.  Then, in a flash, the house goes from immaculate to a disaster.  Unfortunately, I can’t blame the woosh on 16 guests.  Now it is just the four of us enjoying the jolly of the holiday.

In the spirit of Boxing day (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boxing_Day), after our work out, breakfast and coffee, I started collecting all the extra packages that didn’t make it into the bag.  isolating the boxes to be crushed and recycled.  Double checking to make sure nothing got left behind.  Once that was done and the house looked semi presentable again, I made my way down to the studio

And Ugh.  Another (creative) mess.  I must claim it, in it’s entirety.  All uncompleted projects parts and unrecognizable remnants.  But in the mess is promise.  The promise of catch up / “completed” projects.

This week, I promise to:

  • clean and organize the wall of fabric
  • review pattern drawers to make sure I really want to keep the pattern and some day make the quilt, dress, purse, etc.
  • pull out ALL uncompleted projects from their hide-y holes
  • honestly count and post how many projects I have carelessly stashed away for something new, bright and shiny.
  • asses each in-process projects for my ability to complete and finalize
  • identify projects that I know I don’t want to complete and target them for a new home

As I complete the list above, I will keep you all posted on my progress.


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Modern Art Quilter Funky Designer Fiber Art'er Dog Lover
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