A Modern Life

Well – I am cleaning up my hard drive and found this poem that I wrote in honor of my Vovo for her memorial service. I had forgot about the title.

So to honor one Modern Lady to another . . .




A Modern Life…

by Julia Marie Day


I was a modern child…

I have seen the old country – the small farm house with the dirt floors.

I was drawn to the to the excitement of the new world;

opportunity, America.

I was a modern girl…

I was not passive about my lot in life.

I did not have to accept all that was given,

but instead, sought out the best life had to offer

I was a modern woman…

I fell in love with a handsome young musician.

I would blush at that smile of his,

the one that made me tingle.

I was a modern wife…

I helped support my husband and my family.

I worked long days,

I had a career that my children were proud of.

I was a modern mother…

I knew what was best for my children,

I knew that they had to discover life for themselves;

just as I had.

I was a modern grandmother…

I helped my grandchildren expand their experience and their minds,

I gave them wisdom through stories of my youth;

not by telling them “no”.

I was a modern great-grandmother…

I delighted in seeing my grandchildren bear heirs.

I was blessed with their small words of

“Love Vovo”

She was indeed a modern lady…

Her time was one that we can only dream about.

Just imagine having come to America, lived through two wars and a depression,

and experienced a woman’s right to vote.

She was a loving matriarch…

She was our Friend, our Mother, and our Vovo;

Her heart was sincere and her love for each of us was dear.

For she left you always with a pat on the hand and said,

“All the best to you, all the best to you my dear.”



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  1. What a lovely tribute!

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