habitat done

well it is off the rack.  just need to bind this before Thursday.  basically I really hate the piece.  the only thing I like is the background quilting.

lessons learned

  1. don’t use heavy fusible to build the pieces.  Instead use the light glue method i have been using on 9 painted ladies & the buck pieces
  2. if you really hate something, it is okay to decide you will only do “so” much.  and then be done with it
  3. procrastination is bad

I am putting this in the quilt fail pile.


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2 Responses to habitat done

  1. Wayne Dernetz says:

    Certainly if the object of your art is the enjoyment of the creative process, then your assessment of “failure” in this case is valid because only you can judge whether you enjoyed the process or not. But there have been many artists who judged their work to be a “failure” only to find, sometimes but not always in their own lifetime, that the public or the critics or both disagreed. Van Gogh comes immediately to mind as one example. As you stated in a prior post:

    “Artists are notorious for their ”self critiques”. Self Critiques can have positive and negative qualities. The positives come out when Artist’s push their work further. It is creating an atmosphere that let’s you edit your work. Think, too much of this, not enough of that. Was this my vision? Can I create my vision given the constraints of my project & materials? We are like the chef tasting the soup. Not just, does it need more pepper, maybe a bit more salt? But does it make the statement intended. Is it sufficiently complex to intrigue the view but simple enough for them to “get” your vision.”

    “The negative comes when we become too close to our work. Artists see every flaw and wrinkle with our work. We pick it to pieces, and if we are not careful, we can talk ourselves out of good things. Beyond a doubt, the worst flaw of self review is hubris. The notion that nothing is wrong and I am above all criticism. It is okay to be confident about your work, but to not recognize that there is always something that can be improved, in my mind, is the height of arrogance.”

    For this reason, many artists have also written about their work never being complete.

    I find your piece both intriguing in concept and pleasing to the senses.

  2. Mine’s finished too and I don’t really like it much. I hate the fabric. I just made the best of it & am donating it to my church. We’re about to move to a much bigger facility & will need colorful things on the walls.

    See you Thurs!

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