Got Sketch Book?

Do you have a sketch book?  Yeah, you know what I mean, one of those beautiful bound books you can get at the art store or Barnes & noble.  or it could be a college rule spiral binder.   A doodle book that you put all your idea stuff in. You know, the stuff you dream up, but think this will never become real! or it is just a cool thing I saw on the sidewalk; or a magazine clip of a cute pair of jeans that makes you want to try fabric painting

Sketch books are a wonderful mechanism to keep your ideas for future reference.  They could be little line drawings or elaborate colored pencil pictures.  As I said earlier, they can be magazine or newspaper clippings.  One of my favorites to collect are program logo’s.

I actually have several Sketch Books that I save ideas to.  My tried and true is a spiral art pad.  It has been around for years.  I usually take it on vacation.

More often than not, I find my best sketch book is my iPhone camera.  I can take pictures of leaves or the stone work on buildings.  I will print out photos and tape into the book.  The photo I took at the Wynn, Las Vegas, was the starting point for the Habitat challenge quilt (no still not done).

Below is a section of carpet from the Venetian hotel

here are more pictures of the another section of the Wynn’s tile floor.

take pictures of what you like!  you never know when a picture will let you jump off into another project




I even have pictures of sketches made on a dry erase board.  That way I can take a high level picture of the idea, but not actually commit it to paper.  For bigger drawings, a white board and camera are terrific.  You can make changes and not have to re-draw significant portions of your idea.


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2 Responses to Got Sketch Book?

  1. Wayne Dernetz says:

    What a great idea!

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