Just exactly how many projects do you have going at any one time?

Confession time. 

I was looking at my list of to do’s (yes, still mostly not done), and started thinking. . .  Should I count up how many in process projects I have?  Then, I had another sip of coffee and thought a poll would be entirely more fun!

Let me know how many projects you have going! 

Rules of your Count:

  • You must include all your unfinished quilting, sewing, craft, painting (etc) projects
  • Unfinished or in process would be defined as anything that you started, but have not yet completed
  • Kits, but project not started, will not count!  Yes, you can thank me later.

After you have voted, leave a comment to guess how many projects I actually have.  Special kuddo’s (and a surprise) to the person who makes the nearest  guess to how many projects I actually have in the hopper.  I will post my total at the end of the poll.

ps – for all those if think you can bribe the answer out of my darling husband, please note he has now idea where I have everything stashed.


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Modern Art Quilter Funky Designer Fiber Art'er Dog Lover
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