Can quilts cause happiness?

I think the answer is unequivocally YES!

Think about it for a moment. When have you ever come across someone who winced with pain at receiving a quilt? Nope, nada, never!

Instead, we are drawn in with a hug of color and fabric. The smiles creep widely across our cheeks as we can’t believe that it is ours! We touch them gingerly at first, worried we might hurt it, then jump in to wrap it around our shoulders. A corner is brought up to caress their face.

Even when the quilt isn’t for us, our heart opens wide to share the pure joy that the other is feeling. In Guild, we grin at the stories told about where this creation will go next. We tear at the stories of remembrance and but know that this quilt will bring hope back to a person’s life.

This week I was witness to such a wonderful story. Gram received a phone call earlier in the week asking if they had just been to Hawaii . . . Yes, they had (I am sure panic sets in). The nice lady then said that Liz was the raffle winner of the quilt from the Daughters of Hawaii. What?? To quote Liz, “this was the top off of a perfect trip to the Islands and my Birthday”.

Now for what I had been waiting for. The Proud Picture of a quilt placed in its new home. That is one beautiful Ulu!!!

Congratulations Gram! Happy Birthday!


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One Response to Can quilts cause happiness?

  1. Liz Dernetz says:

    Julia, your words describing the emotions one feels when receiving a gorgeous quilt are eloquent and what’s more, they described my reaction perfectly. What a surprise to see your blog yesterday and my story there today! Thanks, Gram

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