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Got Sketch Book?

Do you have a sketch book?  Yeah, you know what I mean, one of those beautiful bound books you can get at the art store or Barnes & noble.  or it could be a college rule spiral binder.   A … Continue reading

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Body Art Barbie?

This article (see link at bottom) definitely falls under “just when you think you have seen it all” category. My first thought was, “Oh! Where do I get one??” But, as fast as the vision of playing with dolls again … Continue reading

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Well, my youngest son, Sean is in the school play this fall.  It is a new play, written specifically for their school.  Tonight, I finally get to see the performance!  Of course, one of the best photo mom’s I know, … Continue reading

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Finally. Progress on my habitat challenge. Let me just say I don’t like quilting thru fusible glue. Yuck!! Working on background for now until I figure out what to do with the shapes More yuck.

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Just exactly how many projects do you have going at any one time?

Confession time.  I was looking at my list of to do’s (yes, still mostly not done), and started thinking. . .  Should I count up how many in process projects I have?  Then, I had another sip of coffee and thought a … Continue reading

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Stephanie’s Elephant

Ohhhhhh my!!!! Look at the lovely elephant quilt that Stephanie Dodson made for her niece Kayla. The piecing of pink and gray for the body is terrific. The sun shimmers over the grass. I think I could find a home … Continue reading

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Ahhhhh fall. There is a Crisp in the air. You can feel the weather turning. My favorite? The color of the leaves! Enjoy these from the backyard.

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Can quilts cause happiness?

I think the answer is unequivocally YES! Think about it for a moment. When have you ever come across someone who winced with pain at receiving a quilt? Nope, nada, never! Instead, we are drawn in with a hug of … Continue reading

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Quilts on the Quad at UMKC

Super day to be outside.

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