habitat progress

or more accurately. . . “lack of progress”.

What happened?  It is almost October and my to do list grew exponentially but nothing got marked as done!

Do you ever get stalled or distracted? Be honest.  We all do.  The trick is understand what is creating the bumps and road blocks.  I have developed my “get your rear in gear” questions to help me view and diagnose what is going on.

Is your calendar booked? Surprisingly a booked calendar can work in a positive or  negative way.  My calendar provides a road map for what I know I need accomplish.  Still if there is too much going on, I move in and cut things out.

Distraction & Focus?  You need to determine what pulls you away from your work.  Are you making bad choices (ie watching TV instead of creating)?  Are you making good choices but running into scheduling conflicts?  Distractions are bad.  We all need to shake things up!  But letting the distractions rule your time can be bad.

Do you have Brain Block?  We all get it.  We have super cool ideas, but then get stuck.  You’ve completed a couple steps but then don’t know where to go from here.  I let my projects speak to me.  I will purposefully leave them when I feel my self getting bogged down.  i find when I come back into the studio, I get a breath of fresh inspiration.  Things look correct or the problem area stands out.  Walking away gives you the perspective you need.

Do you hate what you created?  This one is the hardest to realize.  There must be something about the birthing of an idea.  We become wedded to it.  But what it it was just a super bad idea.  Sometimes, having the courage to trash it and walk away is more powerful than struggling through to completion.


So back to my lack of progress.  My calendar has been too busy.  I’ve overbooked my schedule and now I can feel the weight pulling me down.  Time to clear the decks and start fresh!


I think that is enough progress for one day.


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