Fish Fun

I had wanted to post these pictures for a bit.  I love playing with raw edge applique.  The size of this quilt was only 12 x 18 inches.

This fish was created in two stages.  First the body of the fish was done with normal piecing techniques.  The water look was created by cutting small blue fabrics and then stitching directly down to the batting.  metallic and multi color threads help to create the glitter effect in the water.  Once the background is set, then the Fish was sewn down. 

Little pearl buttons make up the water bubbles.

The eyes are abalone buttons

The Fin and Tail were left as moveable parts.  You can either add these on during the piecing process or afterwards.

Funny Fish Story.  This one actually got away.  Well not in the traditional sense, but it was put up for auction to benefit the Overland Trail Elemetary School PTO.  I hope it is still happily swimming around someones house.


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