Back to School Night

Nothing says “fall is in the air” like back to school night. 

You know the drill . . . Parents scurrying through the halls trying to read the tiny printed maps.  Squeezing in and out of desk-chairs 8 times in one night.  Teachers running through their top 50 items that will make your student successful in their class and only getting to #9 on their power point.  High-fiving parents seeing their long-lost compatriots from kid activities now long since passed.

There is a “newness” (if that is a word) about going back to school.  For kids, it marks the end of the summer, oh what a bummer.  For parents, it says that our kids are one year closer to adulthood.  I watched my cousin put pictures of her son heading off to kindergarten.  You could feel the pangs in her writing.  I have those same feelings of joy and impending loss each time one of my sons hit a new milestone:  Kindergarten to First Grade; No more grade school we’re off to middle school.  That first day of high school! 

Older parents will tell you, over and over, “Enjoy it.  It goes by way too fast.”  We deny it, and then one day it hits you.  My oldest will be in college in just 3 years! In 6 years, we will be empty nesters!  Finally I see how fast time really flys by.  Sniff!  Tissue Please! 

What does Back to School night have to do with quilting?  Everything!

Taking a class or trying something new is a great way to kick-start your creative process.  In Kansas City area, we are blessed with fantastic quilt stores that offer classes covering a wide ranges of techniques.  If you belong to a guild, the monthly speaker may spark a new idea and give you the courage to try something new.  Many of our guilds have Tip Nights, where a member will show off some cool skill or technique.  I always leave guild night or stores with inspiration and energy!

When was the last time you went to class to learn something new?  If you can’t think of the last time you did, you are definitely ready for a back to school night of your own.


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