Habitat Challenge – Weekend Progress (8-20 & 8-21)

This weekend I spent much of my days preparing the Habitat fabric.


Step One

Adhere fusible web to the back of fabric.  I like to cut my web just a little smaller than the fabric.  By doing this, you don’t get any of the goo on to your ironing board. 

Make sure you read the manufactures directions for heat setting and how long to use your iron.  More is not better when it comes to fusible web. 



Step Two:

Trace / draw your designs on to the back of the fabric.  Remember if you are doing lettering, you will need to draw it on backwards so that the image shows up correctly on the correct side.

In the image to the left, you can faintly see the flowers drawn in pencil.  You can free hand draw your shapes or use stencils.  I have collected stencils from scrapbooking, quilting, even circles from the office supply store.  Anything semi-rigid will make a good stencil.

Once you have the shapes you need, cut away!   

You may find that as you are cutting some of your shapes out, the fusible didn’t adhere to the back of the fabric.  Don’t worry, just get your iron out and re-glue it down.

I’ll post the Hodge Podge of cuttings later today.



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