Batik Star

Here is another olde but goodie. 

This Batik Star is no bigger than 6 x 6 inches.  But, what it lacks in size, it makes up by packing a big graphic punch.



How to get this look:

Take a scrap piece of batik fabric with a graphic print.  Cut backing & batting slightly bigger than your batik fabric.  Next, take tiny small cut scraps, yarn, thread, and spread out over the top batik fabric.  Cut a similar size piece of netting or tulle (the same size of your backing fabric.  This is placed over the bits & pieces scraps of fabric.  I use straight pins to anchor everything down so it doesn’t shift when moving.

On your regular domestic machine pick complementary thread and quilt over the graphic design of the batik fabric.  For above, the focus was the “star”.  When your square is quilted, the framed border is done by couching (use zig zag stitch) over the eye-lash thread.  Trim all the extras and you are ready to enjoy your fabric doodle.

These make great little “pick-me-up” gifts to unsuspecting friends.




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