Marimekko – Mini-Unikot

What’s in a name?  Evidently a lot more than I knew one week ago. 


How modern.  Such Bold Colors.  Very Fresh!

Where could this bit of heaven come from?  Finland, of course.

This is 100% cotton.  The weave is a bit looser than linen.

Normally I just bring finished projects to quilt guild for “Show & Tell”.   But I was absolutely blown away by the freshness of the fabric.  I had to share it with everyone. 

So in “Show & Tell” I learned . . . Marimekko takes designs from the 1950’s and 1960’s and puts them into modern fabric and household goods designs.  I also learned that many women lust over their fabric lines, that the Fabric in Crate & Barrel stores are mostly Marimekko, and was told you could sell little tiny portions the fabric on eBay for a fortune.  Who knew? 

But where does this cool stuff come from??

Truly, I must be the luckiest daughter in the world.  When my folks travel, little goodies tend to find their way from the far reaches of the globe to Leawood, Kansas. Fabric from Finland.  Shawls from Russia.  I’m wearing my husbands favorite shirt from Belgrade as we speak! 

Which leads me to my next point.  To get cool stuff, you don’t need to rely on your generous parents or friends.  For years, when I have found out that my friends are traveling abroad, I pull out a $20 (or more depending on their destination) and kindly ask them to pick something up that reminds them of me.  Sometimes I get my money back, but more often than not, I receive back the most amazing things.  Most of which I would have never come up with, even if I had sent my friend with a shopping list.

Here is just a small list of fun received from my friends travels:

  • France: Monet note cards, purse hanger with blue Paris logo, & Versailles placements
  • Japan: Green silk Obi
  • Russia: Lacquer box with scene of Snow White
  • St Thomas: small inlay box & a pool sarong

Thanks guys!!!  Keep Traveling



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