Sun Burst

Another fun piece from my archives. 

Sun Burst is only 24 x 24 inches, but it packs a big punch.

To achieve the look, pick out shapes & shades of your scraps and lay them out on a blank canvas.  With scissors create your sun rays by trimming the scraps.  Leave enough room that you can overlap the sun petals. The dark brown backing was perfect to offset the bright yellows.  To keep pieces from moving, I dab the back with a little washable (water soluble) glue.  Once I am happy, I will quilt over the raw edges.  Once you are happy with your quilting, trim and bind the edges.  I usually add a sleeve to the back of my small quilts.  This enables me to hang them easily by simply adding a rod or dowel on the back.

Tips on Glue:

I love to use glue in my art quilts.  Most water soluble glue (or glue sticks) works just fine.  Yes, you can even use Elmer’s Glue.  I also like Roxanne’s basting glue.  Pick a brand you like (or is cheep) and give it a whirl. 

When using glue, try to use small dots or you can brush on smoothly with a little paint brush.  If you don’t like the placement of the fabric, add a little moisture and pull the piece up gently.  If you got the fabric too wet, you can put it under the iron for a couple of seconds to dry right out.


Tips on keeping Scraps:

Raw edge applique is a perfect way to use up your bits and scraps.  I sort by color & keep my scraps in zip-lock baggies.  Don’t close the bag all the way.  If there is any moisture, a closed bag can lead to mildew.

For larger pieces, think about easy & usable sizes for future scrap quilts.  As I complete a project I cut up my left overs into the following: 

  • 1.5 inch strips
  • 2.5 inch strips
  • 4.5 inch strips

I used to get more intricate by cutting squares & triangles, but I found that doing the strips gets the fabric ready for easy piecing.  If I need a square, I can always cut them on the fly.




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  1. Steph says:

    I love this piece!

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