Problems with your stiches?

Well it might not be you.  It may be your sewing machine. 

So, when is the last time you took off the faceplate of your baby??  Time to Learn!

See all that dust and lint?  EEEWWWWWWW.  Don’t forget to look at the needle holder too!  It can get really greasy & funky!!  The last thing you want is some of that to drop on your nice beautiful sewing project!

That dust is playing havoc on your machine.  Your bobbin doesn’t lie flat where you have that build up.  the turn wheel doesn’t rotate as it should.  Generally, if it looks like this, it’s time to check under the hood.




Most vacuum machines have nozels that are too big to fit into your sewing machine.  So, I would recommend purchasing an attachment kit.  You can find these at the hardware store or even computer stores (they clean out CPU’s and keyboards).  I think I picked up mine for $45.00.  Not a bad investment, when you realize minimum service on our beloved machines starts at $130.00!!!!

A quick cleaning along with a needle change will get you back running in no time flat!



Nice &  clean!


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