Working with Value

I was going through old pictures and came across this nine patch.  Each square is a different fabric.  The patters were random and eclectic.  I knew I wanted to use these up, but HOW??


Value is the contrast of light to dark, not taking into account pattern or substance.  Value is determined by the colors that are next to one another.  That is, you could have a lovely light purple and next to other purples, it would register as “light”.  As soon as you move that purple to another grouping, the value can change in relation to its new neighbors.

When you are working with many different fabrics, it is too easy to over think “what goes where”.  That is where value comes in.  Let the light to dark gradations take center stage instead of the print on the fabric.  As Freddy Moran often says, “if you have 10 different reds nothing will work together.  if you have 100 reds, everything blends perfectly”.

This 9 Patch quilt was designed using value.  All of the charm squares were sorted by lights mediums and dark value.  Fabric for each patch was only chosen by which had the greatest light to dark difference.  The resulting combination is a quilt that blends together where no particular fabric or patch pops out.  I really enjoy the blue/green sashing as it draws on each of the blocks to create a cohesive finish.

Here are 2 close up views of the patches.


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