I am wearing a Kimono style silk charmuse jacket today.  It is truly one of my favorite pieces in my closet.    It is blue (like blue-print blue) with leaves branches and tiny stars.  It was dyed using that sunprint reactive dying technique. 

So this got me thinking. Is there anything more sumptious and touchable than silk??

I didn’t buy this jacket, mind you.  I would have never bought something like this for myself.  Odd that I even took it, because I come to the silk party pretty late in life.  Growing up a big busty girl, silk blouses never hung well on my frame.  Buttons would pull.  My shoulders were always bigger than the arm holes.  It never failed that I would drop at least 1 stain on an outfit (no matter how hard I tried to be tidy). Silk was too clingy.  It always felt too uncomfortable. It showed ever single defect on my body.  I loved how it felt, but beyond that, I gave up on wearing silk.  Silk couldn’t be for me.  I loved silk, but it didn’t love me.  So, on I moved to the more pratical cotton.  “I am a cotton girl” I told myself. 

Fast forward a bunch of years, after my breast reduction surgery and the first time I lost a bunch of weight.  I discovered silk.  It called out to me in cute girl pants with embroidered / beaded flowers & martini pants.  The shirts were more forgiving.  Of course, I gained the weight back that time, but I kept the silk in my closet. 

Now say “Hello 2011”.  Rob and I have been working on getting healthy for the last 8 months.  He wants to “just be healty”.  My motto is that I don’t want to be a fat chick ever again.  After 46 pounds lost and only 27 to my goal, silk is just one of the most favorite things I can find at the Thrift Store.  Our thrift store is in a nice part of town, so they receive a lot of higher end pieces.  Even if the outfit is a size smaller than I currently wear, I snap it up with giddiness.  Yum.  I have at least 4 outfits in my closet now just waiting for the day.  A lemon yellow charmuse suit.  Heaven!!  A black evening suit top.  Georgous!!

Which brings me back to my blue jacket.  I love it and it is beginning to get a little too big on me.  I am not sure I will be able to bring my self to give this one up.  I may just end up using it as an oversized bath robe so I can continue to love it.


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