Ka – Guardian of the Eastern Gate

Ka – Guardian of the Eastern Gate

This quilt was created as part of the 2007 Starling Quilters Guild challenge.  The goal was to create something that reflected your vision of the word “East”.  Ka is a whole cloth quilt with the exception of the printed border.  The figure was hand drawn in chalk and then filled in with color.  All thread is nylon and the batting is 80/20 Hobbs, cotton poly blend. The Dragon is wrapped around the Chinese character for East.  His talons are dipped in red. The black background is pebbled. The red border has quilted flames

Ka won 2 ribbons. –

  • 2007 Starling Quilters Guild – best quilting for East competition
  • 2008 2nd place Small Quilts

The quilt was also put into the IMQA show in 2008.  no awards but I am truly happy to have put in the show.


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