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Sun Burst

Another fun piece from my archives.  Sun Burst is only 24 x 24 inches, but it packs a big punch. To achieve the look, pick out shapes & shades of your scraps and lay them out on a blank canvas.  … Continue reading

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Did you bleed on it yet?

Quilts generally have stages that move you from plan to complete.  You fall in love with the pattern in the store or magazine.  You then search endlessly for the right fabric.  Next are the countless hours (days or even years) staring at … Continue reading

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It comes from fun places. Backgammon anyone?

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Problems with your stiches?

Well it might not be you.  It may be your sewing machine.  So, when is the last time you took off the faceplate of your baby??  Time to Learn! See all that dust and lint?  EEEWWWWWWW.  Don’t forget to look … Continue reading

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Stray Blocks

Some folks call them orphan blocks.  I have heard them called samples, mistakes, tests, errors, “craft-fails”, oppsies, slip-ups, etc.  In any case, Strays are blocks that were left over from a project or class.  They didn’t end up in the final … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Applique – Breadfruit (Ulu)

We’ll just get the disclaimer out of the way, right now. . . “I love applique, but I AM NOT an ‘appliquey’ type person.” That being said, I really love Hawaiian applique: the simplicity, the contrast of colors, the echo quilting.  Traditional applique with … Continue reading

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Working with Value

I was going through old pictures and came across this nine patch.  Each square is a different fabric.  The patters were random and eclectic.  I knew I wanted to use these up, but HOW?? Value. Value is the contrast of … Continue reading

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I am wearing a Kimono style silk charmuse jacket today.  It is truly one of my favorite pieces in my closet.    It is blue (like blue-print blue) with leaves branches and tiny stars.  It was dyed using that sunprint reactive … Continue reading

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Ka – Guardian of the Eastern Gate

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Ka – Guardian of the Eastern Gate This quilt was created as part of the 2007 Starling Quilters Guild challenge.  The goal was to create something that reflected your vision of the word “East”.  Ka is a whole cloth quilt … Continue reading

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Twirling Stars

Twirling Stars Quilt- This was my very first large quilt completed on the Long Arm. Batik front and back.  the thread was probably too think.  I had a horrible time in keeping the tension correct. Live and learn.

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